M3 (Modern Music Makers) is the music industry program for the Abington School District in Abington, PA. Formed in 2021, the program originally began as an opportunity for students to learn about digital music production. Considering the virtual learning environment that the students were utilizing, M3 provided the only real opportunity for student collaboration, as students shared projects with each other to develop their own independent work. M3's first year culminated with the release of some of this work, titled M(ixtap)3 Part 1, as well as with a public performance of many of the works that students had completed.

In the time since, M3 has experienced a tremendous growth while simultaneously adhering to the original goals set forth in its first year: production and performance. 


Highlighting the different opportunities that students could develop in a modern music context, M3 branched out further into production by launching M3 Records, an independent, student-run record label, which assisted in recording, producing, and releasing music, both in physical formats and to online streaming platforms. Each individual student or small group release retains full control of the master recordings and songwriting credits, but learns valuable lessons in production, distribution, and promotion to gain traction for their release. To aid in this growth, M3 coordinated several different operational teams within the context of M3 Records, including:


M3 has always sought the give students new and exciting opportunities to perform the music they care about, whether performing covers of popular songs, or as a showcase for their own original material. To date, M3 performances have and will include various fundraising functions, charity events, state and national music education conferences, and sporting events in the greater Philadelphia region. Additionally, in the fall of 2022, M3 launched a new initiative to assist in many of these performance opportunities, M3 the Bands.